Thursday, 11 March 2021

My Pencil Case- Julio- Cyber Smart Challenge

 For A Cyber Smart Challenge, We had to take a picture of something. So I took a Picture Of my pencil Case. My Pencil case holds my Pencils and my supplies.

Thursday, 25 February 2021

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Kawa of Care

Kawa Of care
Manaikalani Challenged room Room 7 By Giving us tests on how to handle our Chromebooks.
The tests Were pretty easy Since the Answers were pretty much already there.
Anyways thats All


Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Athletics Day

Last Friday we had Athletics day. There were 4 teams, Rimu, Rata, Kauri and Totara. Which means blue red green and yellow. I'm in Rimu.

The events started after Morning tea. We all got into our teams and headed of to the field. There were 4 races. I got second to last twice and two, third to lasts. While we were waiting for our turns, we went to the other field to do shot put and discus.

In shot put I got third and in discus I got sixth. After all of we did relays. The year 4 and under went to do fun mini games. The year 5 and up wen to do relays. The relays were mostly just running back and fourth so it was pretty boring.

After lunch the Room sevens and eights went to do tug of war. Some Room sixes came as well. I don't know who won the tug of war because there was so much screaming and cheering but I think it was either Rimu or Totara.

When we were sitting down under the canopy. The results came in and Rata came 4th, Kauri came 3rd, Totara came 2nd and Rimu came 1st.  

It was a fun day and I really enjoyed racing with my friends     

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

The Best Day of my Life

 The Best Day of my Life

The best day of my life was probably back in 2017. My family and I were heading to a carnival that had just opened up. The family members that came were my Mom, Dad, Grandma, my other Grandma, my sister, my aunt and my cousin.

I was still living in the Philippines back in 2017 so this story is set there. It was the middle of the Christmas holidays and me and my family wanted to do something exciting. A new carnival opened up so we decided to go there. 

We packed up some delicious sandwiches for the car ride and then we went. The  carnival was quite far away so it was a long ride. As we neared the place, I saw the carnival and it was massive. This was also my first time going to a carnival.

My Dad made a U-turn and then we started driving back towards the carnival. The carnival was set up on a large piece of land filled with dirt and grass. Once we parked we ate the sandwiches in the car, and then we stepped outside. It was already night time but the carnival was still filled with people making a lot of noise and having fun.

Outside the carnival there were vendors selling tickets. We bought some tickets and then we went in. We had to go through security and it took a long time. They checked our bags and asked for our phone numbers.

After all of that we finally went inside. There was a huge christmas tree right in the middle of the carnival. It was full of christmas ornaments

and at the bottom of the tree there were tons of presents littered around. There were small ones and big ones.

My Mom and Dad said to my grandma’s that we should split up. They both agreed so we split up into groups. I went with my Mom’s group first. We walked to the left over to a haunted house. I don’t remember anything about my experience in the haunted house but I do remember walking out disappointed. I guess the haunted house wasn't scary for me but my Mom and the others were scared.

My Mom’s group went back to the big tree where my Dad’s group was.

This time I went with my Dad’s group. We went on a boat ride. This ride was one of my favorites. How the ride worked was that you had to go into this little boat and it would spin you around at a really fast speed.  

I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to ride it again. Sadly My Dad said “No.” Then we met up at the christmas tree again. This time we went around together. We were getting hungry so we went to the shops. At the back of the carnival there were shops, and there were lots of them. They had all kinds of interesting things to look at and buy, like food, toys and a lot of games.

As we were walking through the shops, I was amazed at how colorful the shops were. The lighting was crazy and there were many different people. The first shop we went to was a food shop. They sold chicken kebabs covered with teriyaki sauce. I liked the chicken but I didn't like the sauce much. Everyone enjoyed the food. We even bought more. 

After we had some food we went to others shops. The next shop we went to was a shop with a game. The game was a shooting game. We had to pay for a gun with three bullets. We had to shoot these balloons which gave you points. I couldn't play because I was too young. The only people who played were my Dad and my Mom.


That's all I remember from the shops. After that we realised that it was getting late. I really wanted to play more but i was already really sleepy.

So we drove back home. We dropped my Aunt and cousin off at their house. My two Grandma’s lived with us so they stayed. We arrived at our house at about 12.45 pm. I immediately went to sleep.

The day was really fun. I was completely exhausted. That wasn’t everything I did. I left out most of the rides I went on because this story was taking too long. Next morning I woke up happy.       


Wednesday, 23 September 2020

My Whakapapa Story

My Whakapapa Story 

Today I will be sharing my Whakapapa. My Family is quite large so I will Have to exclude some more distant family members. My family members will be represented as Maori koru. I’ll Start with my Dad’s side which you can see on the left hand side of my drawing. 


Starting with my great grandparents. My great grandma currently lives in the Philippines In my old house. She’s really old as can be expected. She lives in a different country so my family and I can only visit her once a year. My great grandad died a few years before I was born. I didn’t  get to know him and I don’t even know his name. I’ve only visited his grave once because he was buried in the Philippines.


Next are my grandparents. My Grandma lives in Australia. I visit her once a year like my great grandma. She lives in Sydney. Her Koru is next to the koru with knives sticking out of it.

My Grandad on my dad’s side died a long time before I was born. He was part of the US Military which is why I drew knives sticking out of his koru. His koru is underneath the second largest koru on the left hand side.

Actually I forgot to tell you something about the picture. All the the koru with a halo

and coloured blue are all family members who have passed away.

Next on the list is my Dad and his brothers and sisters A.K.A my uncles and aunties.

I have two Uncles and one Aunty. They are the four koru that are the same exact size on the left hand side. They all live in the US and they don’t even know I exist. They don’t even know my dad exists. When my Grandpa died the family got separated, so that's why they don’t know we exist. My dad is a great dad.


Finally on to My Mom's side. Starting with my great grandparents. They're both dead but I still remember the times when they were still alive. My great grandma died early this year at the age of 99. Actually I still remember when I saw her for the first time.

It was in 2016. I thought she was an old stranger who just lived in the big house which I will talk about later. Next is my great grandpa. He died about 30 years ago. My family and I have visited his grave two or three times. They both lived in the Philippines. Their koru are the tallest on the right hand side of the picture.

Next are my grandparents. They’re both still alive. They live in a big house in the Philippines. My Mum bought it for them in 2013. They are very kind and gentle. Their koru are the two second largest ones on the right hand side of the picture.

Then we have my mum and her brothers and sisters A.K.A my aunties and uncles.

I have two Aunties and four Uncles. Unfortunately one of my uncles died this year.

My Mum is a great mum.

Finally there is my sister and me. Just like our mum and dad we can be quite lazy at times!!

About the picture-

If I counted properly there should be 21 koru in the picture. I'm not the best at drawing but I tried my best. I do feel like I made the koru way too thick.

You may also notice a giant boat in the middle of the picture. I drew the boat because I feel like my family is really associated with boats. One of my uncles works on a cargo Ship. The reason I painted the sky gold is because I feel that it suits my family best. Golden.




Tuesday, 23 June 2020


I feel bare since I've lost my precious leaves. I look horrendous now and I stick out like a sore thumb. I’m always very insecure and the fact that spring’s not going to be here for an extended amount of time just makes it even worse. I seem to feel colder and miserable all the time.Trees seem to ignore me and birds don’t dare to make their nests on me anymore. some birds are just simply scared of me. I’m always alone and sometimes it gets aggravating and just makes me want to punch stuff.i’m just really distressed right now.