Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Athletics Day

Last Friday we had Athletics day. There were 4 teams, Rimu, Rata, Kauri and Totara. Which means blue red green and yellow. I'm in Rimu.

The events started after Morning tea. We all got into our teams and headed of to the field. There were 4 races. I got second to last twice and two, third to lasts. While we were waiting for our turns, we went to the other field to do shot put and discus.

In shot put I got third and in discus I got sixth. After all of we did relays. The year 4 and under went to do fun mini games. The year 5 and up wen to do relays. The relays were mostly just running back and fourth so it was pretty boring.

After lunch the Room sevens and eights went to do tug of war. Some Room sixes came as well. I don't know who won the tug of war because there was so much screaming and cheering but I think it was either Rimu or Totara.

When we were sitting down under the canopy. The results came in and Rata came 4th, Kauri came 3rd, Totara came 2nd and Rimu came 1st.  

It was a fun day and I really enjoyed racing with my friends     

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